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Propane Cylinder Fill

Get your camping and grill cylinders filled.
20# cylinders, 30# cylinders, 100# cylinders and tow motor cylinders all can be filled at our pumpstation. 

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**New** Rent to Own - Propane tanks

O'Brien's is now offering a rent to own program for customers who want to own their own tank(s) but don't want the big bill all at once.
Call today to set up an appointment to discuss this new program.

(Single 420 tank and larger)

Big Dog Mowers are on SALE!!

Big Dog Mowers are on SALE!!
BigDog Mowers on sale now at O'Brien's Fuel & Service

Big Dog  Mowers are now on sale. Stop by and check them out.
You can also visit www.bigdogmowerco.com


Formerly O'Brien & Sons Propane LLC

Established May 1st, 2012

O'Brien's now delivers heating oil, off road diesel and propane and will continue to sell and install propane tanks.

We are your #1 source for propane in York County.

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